Monday, February 8, 2010

Donate an Organ, Save Life

Nowadays, in the time of millennium people try to find anything that makes their life better than before. But, are they try to face it in right way? It is one of difficult question to answer it. In fact, it depends on the people who going to make their life in future.

Lord creates us body and soul. It make the people can, live in this universal. As a human being we need to thank and thinking our life’s to our creator. Everyone in this world can breathe with easier because we have body and strange feelings. According to people life’s they can denied that anything can happen to their life, also our spirit. We need to thank to our lord, because give a good condition, but what if people who in bad or not enough organ to live?

What can be donated? There are organs, tissue, stem cells, and blood. After death, we can donate the following organs: Kidneys, heart, liver, lungs and pancreas.

We need to understand this concept, not only meaning from dictionary. Donate it also mean we give to others without any back needy. For, people who need our organ, why not we give it if we are in good condition. There are several factors that our people or resident, they don’t want to donate their organ. First for most is

our people afraid or scared that they will die if they donated. We try to pretend our life without think the good effect too. If somebody donated one of their organs like, kidney, eyes, heart and blood. It will make others can live healthier or long life. We can also help them to survive in this earth. They also afraid that if they donated their life will die soon.


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